Long Live Cliff Burton (LLCB)



I’m a little late on this one.  The anniversary of Cliff Burton’s death was yesterday.


I can remember that morning of school clearly.  Where I lived we didn’t have cable, so I didn’t have MTV, so I had no idea.  Once I got to school I immediately noticed that everyone was kind of glume, heads down with their mangy hair giving them the Cousin It look.

It was this dude Steve Barham that filled me in on the current events.  He was a bit of a character, he always spoke in code sort of using initials for common words.  For instance his transfer of information probably went something like this:

“Hey JL (Josh Lent – Me), did you hear what happened to CB (Cliff Burton) LN (last night)?  The TB (tour bus) rolled over his H (head).”

Once I was able to decipher this nut ball in the Ozzy Osbourne ‘Ultimate Sin’ t-shirts loony code I recognized the severity of information I had just been handed.  Fuck…

Long live Cliff!  METALLICA has never been the same.


~ by thrashpunx on September 28, 2013.

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