DEATHWISH – Six Bullet Roulette 7” Review



DEATHWISH – Six Bullet Roulette 7”


I got a bit of a jump start on this one by seeing these guys live twice in a week, once in Denver and once in L.A. at the 2nd O.C. Crustock, and they shredded it…HARD.

The guitar riffs are rad and the execution, especially by their guitarist, here known as S.C., is damn near perfect. I payed attention to this guy playing live and he is so relaxed and…I don’t know…comfortable might be the right word, about his instrument that it is fucking clear that he has a ton of talent musically. Metallic riffage, snarling vocals and cracking snare drums, DEATHWISH sound to me a lot like DISFEAR in the Live The Storm era but dirtier and without the over-the-top metal production. That probably figures since it was mastered by Jack at Enormous Door, a guy who makes everything he touches better without overdoing it. Bitty is back behind the bass guitar and handling most of the vocals, Ryan, AKA Guinea Pig Champion, who has been with Bitty in WARTORN for years is also along for the ride, and its all held together by super-tight drumming from S.W. Certainly less crusty sounding than WARTORN or DRESDEN, with a more straightforward, kinda punk n roll, approach, these guys have written songs that sound punk as hell but have a lot of nuance to them too.

Limited to 300 copies with sick cover art from the now legendary Marald and on dark blue clear marble to boot. (Val)



~ by thrashpunx on July 12, 2014.

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