SACRILEGE Its Time to Fear the Reaper – The Demos 84-86 2XLP



I’ve picked up some killer records in the last couple of weeks but the record that I just haven’t been able to pry from my turntable is SACRILEGE ‘Its Time to Face the Reaper – The Demos 84-86’ 2XLP. 

Somewhere I have a bad multi-generation copy of some of their demo stuff on CDR.  The tracks from that made it on to my ipod but the quality is so poor I usually skip over them if it comes up in shuffle.  With that said I was really excited to find out this album had been released, and surprised too.  I was unaware that this record had been released but was informed by my good friend Val once evening while he was over listening to records.

My introduction to this band was back in the 80’s with simply a picture. The Maximum Rock N’ Roll ‘Welcome to Cruise Country’ photo special had a picture of them, well at least the singer Lynda.  I thought she looked cool so I seeked out their ‘Behind the Realms of Madness’ LP (actually I think I have that one on cassette and the second release on LP).  At the time I was surprised at how metal they were as I had no understanding of crust yet and my crossover knowledge didn’t go far beyond the American bands of the time.

SACRILEGE play powerful punk inspired thrash metal that could also be considered crust.  Lynda’s reverb heavy vocals are the bands trademark.  They are distinctly female and powerful, yet clear and decipherable as they cut through the din being kicked up my her punk-metal head band mates such as the scythe of the Reaper cuts through the neck flesh of the damned. 

This double LP captures all of the bands demos from 83, 84 and both demos from 86.  Demo LPs can be sketchy sometimes and although the quality varies on this release it sounds fucking great!  As I type this I am listening to the ‘Within the Prophecy’ LP and it sounds kind of light and tinny compared to the raw heavy of the demos LP.

The cover folds out into a killer poster while the flip side has some lyrics, flyers and pictures of the band. 

All in, this is a quality release and we can thank Felix over at Havoc for putting it out.  Here is a direct link to the record :


~ by thrashpunx on February 5, 2014.

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