PENTAGRAM – Sept 14, 2013



PENTAGRAM – Sept 14, 2013

I got to see PENTAGRAM the other night.  My history with them doesn’t go very deep but my love and adoration does.  I can recall knowing of them for probably ever, going back to the 80’s even.  But I always just shrugged them off as some 3rd rate heavy metal band and never gave them a chance.  Even when they started playing shows again several years ago I couldn’t have given a flying fuck.  They came to Denver and I didn’t give a toss.  I’m humble, I’ll admit that my first real introduction to them was the movie…”Last Days Here”.  I was blown away.

The movie was constantly on for a week straight.  The tale of Bobby and company had possessed my soul.  I don’t know how but it was happening to me, I sold my soul to the Pentagram.  Almost immediately I felt the connection, it was as if I had been listening to this band my whole life.  Their compositions were already a part of me and they just had to be unlocked.  I felt very fortunate to be able to find that sacred key, once opened their magic poured through my veins freely and attached itself to my DNA nestling in next to the bands that have been a part of me for 35+ years.  They felt so natural and I knew this was a special union.

Seeing them live in any capacity seemed farfetched.  I thought maybe they would be at Chaos in Tejas this year since they were playing Maryland Death Fest but that was not the case.  Then I heard they were playing at Farmageddon, that banjo-punk fest in Montana.  I really had no penchant for attending that.  Damn…  But then the clouds parted and I discovered almost by accident that they were playing some snowboarding block party in downtown Denver.  Fuck yes!  I was there.

The event itself was weird.  The mix of snowboarders, rockers, metal heads, crusties and punx was bizarre.  It was easy to see the difference between snow jocks and the music fans.  The black clothing was a sure give away but there was also a noted difference in the two crowds handled themselves.  The shredders were obnoxious and distracting from the some of the awesome music that was there.  For me this really reached its peak during the last 2 or 3 songs Pentagram played.  Two young girls worked their way into the little spot between me and the fellow rocker that was in front of me.  The pair were giggling, pointing and generally mocking those around them while giving me dirty looks.  When Bobby and the guys started into ‘Be Forewarned’ they were flat out laughing.  Im sure it had to be a little weird seeing this dude that was as old as their grandpa play some old, heavy, rock while grabbing his balls.  To a twenty-something bimbo this could be pretty strange.  I get it.  But get the fuck out of my way!  Mock it from the sidelines or just plain fuck off.  Either works for me, just get out of my way!  Shit.  It was only then that the jock pit got too big and too much to deal with I finally stepped back several feet to the let the snowheads football block each other like they were at a Pantera show.  Jackasses…

But lets not let that distract us from what transpired that evening.  I will admit that first song seemed a little shaky, it wasn’t that tight.  I was worried, but thought maybe it had something to do with the fact that they weren’t using their own backline or drum kit, that the stage was kind of funky.  My mind started to run and I am thankful I was able to catch it before I let myself be too distracted from the enchantment that was taking place.  As soon as they went into the second song and the first couple of chords of ‘Forever My Queen’ rang out all was well in the kingdom and the people rejoiced and showed their love for the king by headbaning, pounding their fists to the beat and saluting with heavy metal sign language.  Fuck yeah!  The tone was set and they did not falter from that point on.  Even though the cast of characters seems to change every few months this lineup owned it and delivered an amazingly solid set that that was comprised of primarily the tracks from ‘First Daze Here’ and ‘Relentless’.  They were simply amazing.

Bobby was a fuckin’ freak!  But he was supposed to and I am sure a large percentage of his stage banter and gyrations were just part of the character.  The dude looked like some sort of satanic twist of genetic malfunction that spliced the DNA of Dio, Steven Tyler and Gollum into a mutated Heavy Metal hero.  He was so fucking perverted and weird that he simply ruled!  He was creepy as fuck but HE RULED!

Not everyone thinks of Pentagram as highly.  Many still consider them a 3rd rate Heavy Metal throwback.  They don’t get it, they weren’t able to connect.  I don’t judge them, but I do have empathy for them.  They are missing out on something that without I would not be whole.

Long live Bobby Liebling!


(Josh Mosh)

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