SPACE IN TIME – Rock And Roll L.P., C.D



SPACE IN TIME – Rock And Roll L.P., C.D

If you spend your time flipping through old stacks of moldy vinyl in shithole record stores just hoping you will find that lost Sir Lord Baltimore or Uriah Heep wax you have been missing, then this is for you. I made the point when I reviewed their last full length to say that is that this is not Stoner Rock, not even close. What this is, is five musicians born 40 years too late playing their hearts out, pushing each other and pushing their own envelopes. You can tell by the texture of the songs on their second release that “Space” has really started to come into their own. The heavy Deep Purple and Blue Oyster Cult influences are still prevalent but Space In Time has definitely made a stance with their own unique groove.  This is their second full length release and from what I understand they have another one in the oven, due out next year I hope. That is a sign of a band feeling their moment, a band that enjoys jamming regardless of what is happening around them. Which is highlighted in the title track Rock and Roll, you can’t help but sing along to it. Mike experiments with different vocal melodies, cool backing harmonies and with some studio trickery on this release. Reading through the lyrics and listening to the band you quickly see that every song has been crafted with care and without the thought of any of the songs being considered filler. The album kicks off with a ripping Yancy drum roll and it’s all over from there, Javram’s wicked leads and killer riffs added to Charlie’s bass lines and Vaughn’s organ licks make for a very memorable piece of wax. Oh, and the U.F.O. cover is on the money, Javram is all over creepy Michael Schenker’s licks (Michael is creepy not his licks) and executes them with justice. I am really glad that Space decided to release this on vinyl, you can get the C.D. too but I like having the record. When you see these guys live you begin to understand what makes this group so special. They make you feel like you are seeing something important, no matter the crowd; Space In Time turns them into fans. Proving that you don’t need to tune down and sing like a Cookie Monster to shred faces off, all you need is some real Rock And Roll. As the lyric says Space In Time is the name and Rock and Roll is the game! (Attucks)


~ by thrashpunx on September 15, 2013.

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  1. He’ll yeah, Justin! Thanks a lot. Fuckin killer review. You da man

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