UNKIND – Pelon Juuret



UNKIND – Pelon Juuret

Maximum Rock N Roll and other “zines” have been bagging crust for a while but it seems like that criticism has picked up even more in recent months.  Some of the reviews in MRR you have to question whether they even listened to the record and its very apparent that they don’t give records to reviewers based on their general musical interests.  You can have some LagWagon lovin’ doughhead making recommendations on say a band like WARMASTER.  It just doesn’t work.  Some criticism is fine, constructive criticism is usually welcomed.  Any genre or sub-genre can certainly get washed out over time.  You will always have leaders and you will always have followers.  There will always be bands that push the envelope and keep things interesting.  UNKIND is one of those bands.  If anyone says that crust and d-beat have gotten stale they certainly haven’t heard UNKIND yet.  This platter is an amazing melting pot of crust, d-beat and metal.  It’s spiced with dual vocals, ripping guitar solos and atmosphere.  They tastefully employ acoustic guitars, an accordion and even a banjo.  And it all makes sense.  Although the lyrics are in their native Finnish tongue we know what they are yelling about.  I am sure all the punk rock topics that are apparent to anyone that doesn’t have their head up their ass or tuned in to Fox news is aware of:  Religion, corrupt politicians, corporate greed, war, isms, etc.  This album and the creativity behind it is what keep crust and d-beat alive, relevant and moving forward.  MRR may not know what time it is but the metal labels sure do as labels like Relapse and Southern Lord continue to sign crust, d-beat and hardcore punk bands.  Great stuff! (JoshMosh)





~ by thrashpunx on August 11, 2013.

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