This multi-labeled release brings together two bands from around the world. Terlarang hails from Malaysia and Jagernaut resides in Greece. Terlarang plays Fastcore mixed with Power-violence or is it Hardcore mixed with Grindcore, I’m not sure but needless to say it is relentless in its attack. When I was listening to this I noticed that something seemed missing and that something is bass guitar. Just by judging this recording I would say a little low end wouldn’t hurt. The blazing guitar, although rad, just isn’t big enough to carry this. The vocals sound like someone strangling a cat with a chicken. Terlarang definitely has a sense of humor but keep it real with serious social-political lyrics. To me, this is one of those bands that would be great to see live. You can just tell by the energy and humor that is represented on their side of this split. They just seem like a fun band.  Jagernaut calls Athens, Greece home. They play raging Crusty Punk with a heavy dose of Grind. Good stuff, right up my alley. 3 songs of distorted carnage guaranteed to melt your ear holes out. Heavy growling vocals and chainsaw guitars make this side stand out to me. I had to keep playing this side over and over, it just kills that hard. There cover is classic, exactly what I would expect, a big skull with bullets, knives and guns around it. It might not be the most original but it jams and Jagernaut, for me, makes this record a keeper. The apocalypse has been brought! The difference in the two bands styles makes this a record that has something for anyone into heavy fast Punk and Metal. (Attucks)





~ by thrashpunx on July 30, 2013.

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