ANAL WARHEAD- Time To Die 7”

anal warhead


ANAL WARHEAD- Time To Die 7”

Fucking right on, I am super glad that bands are still playing kick ass Punk Rock without being Oi or Street Punk. This is an amazing 7”. It is not at all what I expected just from looking at the ink illustration that adorns the cover. I thought it would be more on the Street Punk side but instead my ear parts were blown away by something different. Killer fast distorted Hardcore Punk that is exactly what the doctor ordered. It seems like this sort of music has been buried by the redolence of monotony that has plagued the punk scene over the last 10 years. I am really glad to see bands like these guys laying down the righteous jams. Anal Warhead from Albany, N.Y. exudes a great energy and has a decent recording to back it. Anal Warhead employ heavy guitars, fast drums and vocals that aren’t too clean but aren’t too dirty either.  When I listen to this record I am reminded of Poison Idea, maybe mixed with Short, Sharp, Shock era of Chaos U.K. or even a gnarlier Adrenaline O.D. It just has a layer of scum on it that makes it blare in your face. It does have a slight eighties feel which I really like and that definably draws me further into enjoying this wax. The name was a surprise, when I first looked at it I thought it said Anti- Warhead but no, luckily it is Anal Warhead. Lucky for whom? Lucky for me because that cracked me up and now I cannot forget the name. The art matches the name perfectly, scribbles of penises, people peeing, and strange doodles of monsters spackle the inside of the copy machined cover. It is Punk Rock plain and simple. This one will go in the collection to be listened to regularly. (Attucks)

Suburban Whitetrash Records

P.O.Box 270594

Fort Collins, CO. 80527-0594



~ by thrashpunx on July 30, 2013.

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