KRÖMOSOM – Nuclear Reich 12”


KRÖMOSOM – Nuclear Reich 12” – I have been a fan of KRÖMOSOM for some time now as many know due to their raucous d-beat shenanigans, but with Nuclear Reich they really take it over the top.  As soon as the needle hit and the ohm of some tibetan monks opened the way for dark and distorted bass intro that quickly explodes with fury, I knew that this was going to be a new fave.  I hate to say it, but this might just be one of the greatest d-beat records ever.  It is so powerful and raw but there is some real nuance here too, especially in the mix.  Nothing that comes across as showy or anything, just skillful songs and razor sharp execution.  These guys have so much intensity behind them, pushing them, as if it might just kill them not to let this out.  Yeap has been a captivating front man for years and here he might have just created a masterpiece.  Thick distorted guitars and crazed drumming drive these stompers into your brain and the catchy riffs and choruses keep them going long after the record is over.  Find this now or suffer.  Their live shows in Austin will become the stuff of legend.  Especially the show they played on the bridge.  They are super cool guys and are cranking out the most punishing hardcore punk you could ever hope to find.  All hail the new masters….(Val)


~ by thrashpunx on July 8, 2013.

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