INFERNÖH – 7 Spar EP – I AM SO PUMPED ON INFERNÖH THESE DAYS!  This band fucking rules!  Only the most bombastic raw scandi-punk in years!  Three swedes and an englishman destroy their way thru 7 songs of total mangel that gets swedish hardcore back to its roots.  Though this does have a much better sound quality to it than any of the bands that these guys get compared to.  They were an onslaught to see live and this ep captures all their fury.  Once again though, INFERNÖH leave me wanting way more.  These 7 songs go by so fast!  I guess thats the sign of a really killer record, wishing it would go on and on.  Comes on pukey multicolored vinyl with a fun photo-collage insert from Distort Reality…Hail to SWEDEN indeed!  (Val)


~ by thrashpunx on July 8, 2013.

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