STRANGE FACTORY – Fukushima Nightmare EP

Strange Factory

STRANGE FACTORY – Fukushima Nightmare EP

I didn’t know much about this band before seeing them at this years Chaos in Tejas fest, but they were a total surprise, making a really strong and positive first impression.  I picked up their new 7” after the show and it is a gem.  Side A starts out with a cool track that harkens toward HIS HERO IS GONE, with its forceful dissonance and fury, then plunges into raging HC frenzy that summons forth the ghost of BASTARD.  Side B is equally rampaging punk ferocity with some melody thrown into the mix the way FROM ASHES RISE would.  They seem to be able to take bits of many of the styles that are out there now and blend them together into a cohesive unit.  Their live show was the same way, showing they have a diverse palette and don’t want to be boxed into a stylistic corner.  It has to be said that these guys are from the city of Fukushima, Japan which had the recent tsunami, and subsequent reactor meltdown and radiation release at their nuclear power plant, which was the worst nuclear accident since Chernobyl in 1986.  Punk does best when its topical and on the front lines.  Support these guys and find a copy.  Seems like the label HARDCORE SURVIVES can currently do no wrong.  (Val)


~ by thrashpunx on June 24, 2013.

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