INFERNOH / EFFLUXUS – Split EP – INFERNOH = Face melting Swedish hardcore punk that absolutely seethes with frustration and anger.  I have been a fan of their earlier War Tjard LP and was more than stoked to see them in the USA this year.  And whatta show it was…raw, unrelenting and powerful.  With members from SKITKIDS, HERATYS, INSTITUTION and FY FAN its no wonder.  Instant classic.

EFFLUXUS deliver some great chaotic noisy punk direct from the bay area.  A hard hitting follow up to last years killer 12”……but sadly called it quits after playing their sets at Chaos in Tejas.  I love the creepy artwork that adorns the textured, heavyweight cover.  RUST AND MACHINE is yet another label that is at the top of their game. (Val)


~ by thrashpunx on June 24, 2013.

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