Hell Reign




DEADLY REIGN / HELLKRUSHER Split EP – This came out last year but I just finally got a copy and it was well worth the wait.  DEADLY REIGN from Austin Texas hooked me last year when I saw them live in their hometown.  Crust core done right.  Straight up and pissed off!  No long intros, no “epic” harmonies, no bullshit, just hardcore punk played mean and dirty.  Gus delivers the vocals with ferocity that never feels forced like so many other vocalists all while laying down some truly punishing bass.  Raygunn rages on the guitar serving up perfectly punk riffage while Guerinot keeps it all moving along with breakneck drumming.  Another killer release from these Texas veterans.

HELLKRUSHER deliver their first songs in many years here and seem to pick up right about where they left off in the late 90’s.  Churning metallic fused punk that sounds as gritty and urgent as ever.  Fast and tight with a better recording than they have had in the past, but still sounding punk as fuck.  Damn, that snare drum sound is instantly recognizable still.  I hope to see more soon!!  Welcome back boys. (Val)



~ by thrashpunx on June 24, 2013.

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