OI POLLOI –Duisg! L.P.

oi polloi



The masters of anarcho-punk are back with their first record in six years. If you don’t know who Oi Polloi is, they are a punk band that was started in 1981 in Scotland. They have been through about 50 different members but the lead singer Deek Allen has been the stalwart after all these years.  Oi Polloi has always been one of my favorites and I can honestly say that I have never heard anything that they put out that wasn’t fucking punk as fuck and on the spot as far as song writing goes.  This record does not disappoint. Actually I am blown away by diversity of the songs on the album. If you prefer the more Oi! sounding Oi Polloi or the more metal crusty side of their releases they have you covered on Duisg!  It’s like a little something off every release comes through in each song and makes you excited about what the next song is going to be. This record is pretty melodic at times but cuts in with some heavy driving jams espescially on side two with the song Cyklopen about an autonomous space burnt to the ground in Stockholm by Neo-Nazis. Dion’s Cuidich and the blazing Ionnsaigh Adhair on the first side drive it home for me. As you may have guessed the entire album is sang in Gaelic which just makes it that much more important. Important as in you should buy this and sink your teeth deep into it. This release just really blows my socks off. You here one song and think damn that was a cool tune just to be kicked in the teeth by the next solid jam.  At first I wasn’t sure about the melodic side of this release but then that become what made me love this record. The only complaint is the lack of album cover art but they make up for it with a 20 page booklet that goes in depth and translates every song. The booklet is filled with all kinds of cool things to read and look at including Oi Polloi cut out action figures. This one won’t leave my turntable for a while! (Attucks)



~ by thrashpunx on June 17, 2013.

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