We’re Back!…And so is Final Conflict!


We’re back!  Dude…I have been sick, I’m still sick but doing much better.  Every couple of years it creeps up on me and fucks me up in a big way.  It’s brutal and I lose all motivation, it’s all I can do to just get the simple things done.  I’ll spare you the gruesome details, actually I’m working on something that will most likely go up on Profane Existence.

Oh…And FINAL CONFLICT is back too!  And I am going to see them.  Just two weeks ago I didn’t think I’d be able to pull this trip off due to health, even now its still going to be sketchy but I am committed.

Last year at Chaos in Tejas I had the pleasure of meeting Ron Martinez and gushed upon him my adoration for FINAL CONFLICT that goes back to the 80’s.  I proudly called off all the FINAL CONFLICT releases I had and he informed me that I was missing a European tour 7″ (which he hooked me up with!).  In that conversation he let me know that this year’s Chaos In Tejas would see him front the band again alongside the mighty Jeff Harp.  Un-fucking-real!!!!  Nothing is going to stop me, not even my fucked up guts…

Here is an interview I did a couple of years ago on ThrashHead with Jeff Harp….Check it out.


~ by thrashpunx on May 29, 2013.

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