COLDSTEEL – America Idle CD



COLDSTEEL – America Idle CD


Being an avid collector of any old thrash record I can get ahold of, I was surprised that I had never come across COLDSTEEL. With a couple demos and only 1 album to their name I guess that would explain why I might have missed them. Its always interesting to see how these reunion albums go, sometimes you get a total kick ass album or sometimes you end up with a confused attempt at some tough sounding riffs and over all poppy feel. I’d say COLDSTEEL has done a pretty good job with creating some new thrashers on ‘America Idle’ without sounding like they are forcing anything.  The overall sound here is actually quite diverse. It starts with a catchy raging riff on the title track and never really lets up. Lots of bay area style mosh moments mixed with small dashes of that east coast technical speed metal sound reminiscent of REALM or TOXIK. The vocals are equally diverse ranging from the James Hetfield ‘yeeah’ style to more ‘Ritual’ era Chuck Billy groove oriented phrases and there are plenty of shouted gang vocals that have more of a hardcore feel rather than your usual 80s backing shouts. I have found this album growing on me with every listen. I can’t help but start banging my head a few times while doing the dishes or folding laundry. COLDSTEEL definitely have something going for them and I look forward to a full length. (Joe)


~ by thrashpunx on April 21, 2013.

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