I really didn’t know what to expect from HELLBASTARD.  The band is really just Scruff and whatever hired guns he has and their last few releases were so triggered and polished I had a hard time digesting them.  There would be times that I wasn’t sure if I was listening the legendary HELLBASTARD or some recent trigger happy,  pro-tools, cookie cutter BS from MORBID ANGEL or some other bland shit.  Even though Scruff goes through band members like I go through toilet paper he is the keystone to this band and he still has his chops.  He can still whip some crusty metal jams with the best of them writing some of the sickest riffs that side of the pond.  This is a headbanging, crusty, denim vest thrash-a-thon.  Even if the track ‘Sons of Bitches’ has that goofy “Shut the fuck up” part that reminds me of that radio rock band BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION, the songs are still solid and will kick your unwashed ass.  The 4 songs on their side of this record all have infectious hooks and incredibly well crafted.  Again, Scruff is a riff genius and can still rip out some world class, killer, fuckin’ songs! But alas, the triggered drums are not completely removed, they are still there but thankfully they are not as overbearing as what I mentioned earlier.  For the most part I can really get into this but I can see where some of my friends might be challenged by the trigger happy drums.  The same is true with RESISTANT CULTURE, I can live with the triggers (maybe because I listen to lots of Metal?) but some of my friends who really are heels dug into more traditional crust and hardcore can’t deal with it.  Off the top of my head I know two dudes who really want to like RC but they can’t get past the triggers.  These same dudes really didn’t spend any time with the last couple of HELLBASTARD releases either.  I am really upset by this as their tunes are so righteous, I really want to celebrate the virtues of their side of this split but I am not able to sing my praise for this from the mountain tops because of the restraints I feel imposed upon me by the technical aspects of this record.  GodDamnit!  Why? Why?  Just get rid of the triggers and let the crust flow from the speakers!   With the pleas to the band I plea to the punx, crusties and thrashers…Please! Please!…Please give HELLBASTARD a chance here and look past the Pete Sandoval drums and recognize the wonderful compositions Scruff and company have prepared for us…


Before I even put this on I wondered if DRESDEN was going to hold up in sound versus what I expected to be a pretty slick and “professional” mix on the HELLBASTARD side.  This record could easily feel really lopsided, that was a risk that seemed obvious as soon as I heard this project even existed.  It’s not 2 seconds into the record and it’s easy to identify that DRESDEN is more than prepared for this pairing.  They turn in a terrific display of metallic crust with enough twists and turns that no song can be labeled as predictable or uninspired or whatever bland terms MRR and RAZORCAKE have been throwing at the crust reviews over the last few months.  DRESDEN shows that there is still a lot of fun to be had in this genre as they infuse thrash metal guitar riffs with rapid fire hardcore drumming and creative songwriting.  Bitty’s gruff shout is backed with the brutal deep grunts of Jimmy and Bones.  It’s a tried and true formula that really works for them well.  You can sing along with Bitty and get gnarly when the guitar players start spitting out the back-ups.  As I started to mention at the beginning the mix and production values of the DRESDEN side are fuckin’ aces.  It’s as thick as the crust on the pizza in those new Caesar’s commercials (what shit pizza by the way) and as powerful as the stink from my cat pan (I need to change that…tonight!).   Basically folks this is the exactly what I am all about.  Do you want a good record review from me?  Turn in some thoughtful, powerful, interesting metallic crust with rad riffs, memorable songs and a production that sounds like you give a shit.  It’s that simple really.  I can’t say anything bad about this (why would I want to?)and the only real constructive criticism I have is “rock harder”.  There is always room to rock harder.  (JoshMosh)





~ by thrashpunx on April 9, 2013.

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