HERÄTYS – Näen Punalsta EP



HERÄTYS – Näen Punalsta EP –

FUCK YEAH!   HERÄTYS always delivers!  The 12” from 2010 was a total killer but this EP is absolutely blistering!  The songs, as always, are frantic and crazy and feel like a car careening out of control down a scandinavian mountain pass, but always keeping it somehow on the road.  I think at least the guitarist, is from the legendary SKITKIDS and you can instantly hear it in this.  These guys all are from Sweden but all these songs are in Finnish which gives it a kinda different texture to the vocals, more snarling and vicious somehow.  Sadly, this is supposedly their swansong, since i’ve heard they broke up after this was recorded.   I was super bummed that they didn’t make it to play Chaos in Tejas last year.  Get this now cause HERÄTYS will go down as a classic band and this is their best.


La Familia


This is a different record but gives you some idea…

~ by thrashpunx on March 30, 2013.

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