Heavy Nukes – Ultra Mega Raw 7′

Heavy Nukes


HEAVY NUKES – Ultra Mega Raw 7”

File this under “could be a lost relic”.  This is no nonsense early Swedish hardcore punk that draws an obvious comparison to SHITLICKERS and ANTI-CIMEX, and done spot on.  In fact it sounds so raw and stripped down that it would be easy to convince someone that this was a lost or unreleased recording from that time and place.  Absolutely over the top reverb drenched vocals that sound like they were recorded while sitting in a metal trash can.  Raw and chaotic guitars and uber fast drums but its the no-bullshit approach to the recording and production that makes this so great.  It sounds great, but only because it was played great.  With fury.  Now some things certainly benefit from a bigger sound but this sounds like a trip thru time.  Like you just found a lost tribe in the forest doing their thing despite having the academics say they were long dead.  I think these guys may be from Germany but I can’t tell from this release.  All the songs are in english with the exception of a perfectly suited cover song.  KILLER!


Static Age Records



~ by thrashpunx on March 30, 2013.

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