IN DEFENCE – Into the Sewer

In Defence


IN DEFENCE – Into the Sewer CD

IN DEFENCE have earned themselves a spot with the great crossover thrash bands of today.  They have really been gaining some momentum and I think it’s fair to say they are right there falling in just behind GHOUL who is nipping on heels of the party-pizza thrash-core godz MUNICIPAL WASTE.  Each band serves a complimentary dish of their thrash-punk stew but with their own personal ingredients.  MW boasts beer as the key to their flavor where GHOUL seasons their thrash with human flesh.  IN DEFENCE cook up their mosh-pit-pie (yes, you can borrow that for a song title!) with a healthy, full-serving, of tongue-in-cheek politics.   Each band also has totally off the hook stage shows and IN DEFENCE’s often involves fire!  ‘Into the Sewer’ is a collection of tracks that were originally released on LP and a couple of different 7”s and splits.  They have all been gathered here for your convenience in the form of a CD that covers 22 fist pumping, sing-a-long, circle pitting, taco eating, tracks of righteous mosh-core.  The absolute stand out track on this disc is the unexpected MINOR THREAT cover.  You truly have to hear it to believe it.  Lace up your Vans, flip you hat bill, call more dudes and dive face first ‘Into the Sewer’!!!  (Josh Mosh)

And you can get it for only $6.66!!/~/product/id=16891972

~ by thrashpunx on March 19, 2013.

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  1. Call more dudes!!

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