BONE SICKNESS – Alone in the Grave

Bone Sickness_2


BONE SICKNESS – Alone in the Grave 12” LP

Fuck yeah!  I’ll cut to the chase…This album rules!  BONE SICKNESS hail from Olympia Washington and I had to do a double take on my confirming if they were a newer active band or old vets that were overlooked back in the day and were either reliving their youth or seeing a re-press of long lost classic.  I say that because BONE SICKNESS really captures that early UK Death Metal sound as it evolved from crust and grindcore.  Just listening to them makes me want to re-read ‘Choosing Death – An Improbable History of Death Metal and Grindcore’.  If you haven’t read that book you haven’t lived.  It’s really a good history of the UK crust scene as well… To nail it down BONE SICKNESS bring bands like BENEDICTION and ‘Utopia Banished’ / ‘Harmony Corruption’ era NAPALM DEATH to mind or  even ‘Clandestine’ era ENTOMBED. Oh, and we can’t leave out AUTOPSY.  I think you get the idea of what I am trying to say here.  In short…They kick ass.  The seven songs clock in right around 20 minutes and there isn’t a safe second amongst them.  You cannot stop to rest for even for just a few quick breaths; BONE SICKNESS will find you and kill you.


here’s an older track to satisfy your thirst for death as the above mentioned title doesn’t come out until April.




~ by thrashpunx on March 15, 2013.

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