No Master has been rocking it since 2008 and this 7” is a culmination of that effort. This band was started out of the ashes of Big Fucking Missile Crisis, When Good Robots Go Bad and a few other K.C. bands. The first thing that grabbed my attention, besides the blown out ultra –noisy recording, is the difference in the two sides of the record. The first side is mostly just straight chaotic d-beat with an occasional thrash break down tossed in for good measure. There is kind of an early E.N.T. or maybe Pisschrist sound going on throughout this side. Except for the last song ‘Pain’ which makes me get my Grind on, all brutal style. The second side shows a little more of their diversity. There are some more grinding, melodic and crusty bits added to the song structures and arrangements which gives the tunes on the B- side a little different flavor. At first I was jonesing for some fast hardcore tunes so I would listen to the A- side more but then I wanted a little more riffage and heaviness. Luckily the second side provided that fix. It makes for a listenable record that doesn’t seem to just blend in and become forgotten in the slew of D- Beat bands out there. I have to say again though, the brutal blown out distortion and guttural vocals rule. It reminds me more of a crazed Japanese band then something I would expect reigning from Kansas City. The lyrics seem to speak of the desperation one feels in this day and age, dealing with the crushing weight of society’s follies. Real basic layout but it looks good. Actually it is so basic they didn’t even leave any contact info. You can’t miss the cover. It is just the No Master logo scrawled across white paper. These guys have a good thing going on. (Attucks)



~ by thrashpunx on February 28, 2013.

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