FOLKEIIS – Destroy Agony EP


FOLKEIIS – Destroy Agony EP




Whoa,  This kinda caught me off guard.  I expected straight up Japanese noise-core but this is so much more!  Crazy tempo changes, raging metallic parts, rock solid dark HC riffage.  I bet these guys are KILLER live.  I should have known better after the great tracks on the COMPLETE AURAL TURMOIL comp.  Its like the metal bits of SACRILEGE and TERVEET KADET ran headfirst into the brain damage of GISM!  These dudes are touring the west coast of the USA in March 0f 2013 with MAUSER so see them if you can.  I can’t wait to hear more from these most excellent Japanese crashers.  AWESOME!!!!!


~ by thrashpunx on February 14, 2013.

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