This one, I know took forever to come to light, but its a FUCKING GEM and well worth the wait.  Both bands are at the top of their form.  DESPERAT were the first side I threw on and all I could think was, its really amazing that there are some guys out there that can just keep on coming up with catchy and straightforward guitar riffs that don’t sound generic, year after year and it seems that Ake from DESPERAT is just one of those guys.  Look back thru the mass of songs that he has cranked out over the years.  I might even like this better than the MOB 47 of his past(which is really saying something).  Raw and simple, just like you’d expect.  DESPERAT have proved again that they are in a class above most.  Catchy guitars carry forward alot of the speed of DESPERAT but Chrille (also an alum of MOB 47) lays down the pulse with cracking precision on the drums.  With Jocke from WARVICTIMS barking out lyrics about the close-mindedness of some punk scenes, the rich and privileged, and facing a modern world that may be beyond any hope.  And it all comes across as urgent and passionate as ever.  Maybe even more so, because they aren’t simply frustrated teenagers anymore.  They even have a song about this; the moment where you realize that you have become an adult with responsibilities that would have made you “boring” when you were a kid, and the fact that you gotta make extra effort as you get older not to align yourself to the systems of the modern world.  I also like the fact that the gatefold cover has the lyrics in Swedish, but with a little rant in English about the song and what it is all about.  DESPERAT may be some older dudes but they are still kickin ass and taking names.KILLER.    DEATHRAID kicks off the other side right were they left off after the “All Life Ends” LP from a few years back, which was a record that I would champion to anyone that would listen to me.  These songs were recorded back in 2010 not too long after that release and perfectly carries on.  All the tracks are so intense and powerful that I can’t stop listening!  The bass is so thundering and violent, the guitars so tight, the drums so furious!   Pick up the needle and start over.  Repeat.  Repeat….  DEATHRAID is the absolute best of HC punk today but with more confidence and swagger which only adds to its power.  To top it all off, Jay’s vocals are total savagery and it never sounded sweeter.  In a gatefold cover with a killer painting from Halsey gracing the cover.  World Funeral has yet another masterpiece on his hands here.   Find a copy today.  A++ (Val)


~ by thrashpunx on February 14, 2013.

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