BONE SICKNESS has a bone to pick with 20 Buck Spin

Bone Sickness


BONE SICKNESS: Debut 12” From Olympia Outfit Set For 20 Buck Spin Release

This week Olympia, Washington-based dispensers of auditory demolition at 20 Buck Spin confirm the impending release of the debut 12” from neighborhood death metal outfit BONE SICKNESS.

Having raided the local punk/metal scene since 2010, BONE SICKNESS recall some of the earliest and most savage days of death, grind and punk into a beastly and belittling blend of what 20 Buck Spin dubs “American death metal disfigured by grindcore.” Following a demo tape and a self-titled EP on Detest Records — both having been well-received by scene diehards and maniacs — this ravaging quartet have completed their debut 12”, Alone In The Grave. A maelstrom of breakneck intensity in the tradition of Repulsion, Autopsy, early Napalm Death, Infest, Despise You and others, Alone In The Grave aborts seven tracks in twenty minutes. Ghastly, unbelievably-detailed cover art for the release was executed by the sick mind of Chips & Beer Mag’s in-house illustrator Hand Of Beaver, finalizing this ghoulish platter for 12” vinyl and digital release on April 30th, 2013. View that monster, as well as live footage of several songs from the album HERE.

Having instigated audiences locally alongside Acephalix, Miasmal, Anhedonist, Dead Congregation, Grave Miasma, Poison Idea, Christian Mistress, and even the Melvins — a band that rarely abides local openers — and having been invited to Chaos In Tejas 2011 playing alongside Hooded Menace and Mammoth Grinder, BONE SICKNESSwill infect humanity with further live attacks in the coming months. Stay tuned, as tunes from the release are leaked and more live actions in support of Alone In The Grave are declared.

BONE SICKNESS Live:   4/25/2013 Highline – Seattle, WA w/ Absu

Alone In The Grave Track Listing:

1. Submit To Decay

2. Strange Obsession

3. Paranoid Delusions

4. Scraping The Bones

5. Alone In The Grave

6. Death And Dismemberment

7. Tied To The Stake


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