Death of Self – s/t 7″

Death of Self


DEATH OF SELF – s/t 7”

Holy fucking Grindcore!!! I played side “D” of this 10 song 7 inch that plays on 45 r.p.m.s and it was slow for three notes, just enough to make you think it might be a sludgy Doom band. Then it slaps you in the face with intense, blown out noisy Grind. I’m not joking, the recording on this is nuts. I really like it; they have managed to capture a good live feeling. I find that a lot of great Grindcore bands have a hard time translating their brutality onto vinyl. I enjoy watching Grind bands live more than listening to the crappy recordings they can’t afford to put out but this one does not fall into that category, it is a true blaster!  Amazingly loud over the top distortion that still stays warm, sort of reminds me of the Japanese wall of noise style. But when the blasting begins a tidal wave of sheer corruption erupts through the speakers and washes over you, easily melting your face. The vocal screaming highs by Ethan sound like they are fist fighting with the low grumbles delivered by Gravy. The two blend killer with the maelstrom of crushing noise, serious I can’t get over the recording! When a song stops it is the feedback that keeps you company until the next fleshing tearing songs explodes. This gives it the effect like there are hardly any breaks in the album, it just flows form one song to the next never letting you catch your breath. Fuck, they barely ever slow down for the few breaks and bridges. The drumming is mind numbingly fast with some killer double bass work and sounds spot on. This is kind of a super group made up of members of other bands including Clinging To The Trees Of A Forrest Fire, Weaponizer, Eviscerated Soul, and Beneath. The record cover is pretty nifty, especially if you are a silk screener. The front and back cover are just white pieces of paper with the graphics printed on a 7 x7 transparency slid over the top. The first step to making patches is all done for you! (Attucks)



~ by thrashpunx on February 10, 2013.

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