BLIGHTER – s/t 7″



BLIGHTER – s\t 7”

You don’t seem to hear too much coming out of Colorado Springs anymore but it seems like they are starting to get a scene again and at the forefront of that scene is local favs Blighter. One of the members is even the editor of the Co. Spgs. cut and paste zine “What’s Left”. Blighter is a little of everything. Stony Doom Metal mixed with some Crust and a touch of Grindcore for good measure. Like a more gnarly Fucking Wrath or something. The slow into fast mix is executed with killer timing and the songs are well written with recognizable hooks. There is some crazy shit going on here with the vocals. Two vocalists seem to appear here, one is a high screeching Tasmanian devil sounder and the other a low wild grumbler. They both really go crazy and stretch there vocal vomiting into some strange places. I’m not even sure if they are actual words in some spots. I can’t tell if I like side Weed or side Speed better, the 4 songs delivered on this record are all pretty good, original jams. “Jams” is the best way to describe their songs, especially when they bust into the sweeping guitar solos during the rhythmic doom parts. Yea, I’m saying it is some good bud puffing tunes. The recording is a little lo-fi but still keeps a nice tone on the guitars and vocals without being bogged down in the mud. They could have maybe spent a little more time on the cover art and layout but that point is moot because the music overshadows it. This is a good debut vinyl for these guys. (Attucks)

Bad People Records



~ by thrashpunx on February 10, 2013.

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