ILSA – Intoxicantations LP


ILSA – Intoxicantation LP

This is why vinyl rules.  ILSA make good use of every advantage that vinyl has to offer.  The cover art is killer and is some sort of twisted portrayal symbolizing various drugs and illegal intoxicants.  It does it a great job representing the vile compositions that make up this album.  The gate fold sleeve opens to serve up the lyrics to help guide you on the trip and hidden in the opposite sleeve is poster of what is presumably the she-devil “Ilsa”.    The music ILSA constructs is cruel and dark and the aural equivalent of a bad acid trip.  Heavy in sound and heavy in mind fuckery ILSA calls forth an evocation with origin in the darkest cesspools of life and death.  They blend elements of doom, crust and old school “black” metal to bring forth a stench driven dirge that could easily serve as the house music at your neighborhood heroin den.  BATHORY, HELLHAMMER, AMEBIX, STORMCROW and even NEUROSIS all come to mind at times as the beautifully colored vinyl spins at 33 1/3rd.  My recommendations are to buy this album and to not take acid before or while playing it.  If you are on smack this just might be the soundtrack to your overdose.  I hope these guys have some good in their lives because this record is scarily depressing, I almost feel sympathy for them.  It’s one thing to scream and yell about shit that pisses you off but it really feels like ILSA is reaching deep into their collective souls to regurgitate the bitter negativity of their very existence…Did I mention that this record rules?  (Josh Mosh)

Buy it here from the ThrashPunx distro!!!!

~ by thrashpunx on January 29, 2013.

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