THETAN – Welcome to Whine Country 7”



THETAN – Welcome to Whine Country 7”

What seems to have happened is that there was a  band called Sanctions but their guitarist moved and the bassist and drummer kept jamming together to form Thetan.  In Scientology it is believed that it is the thetan, not the Central Nervous System, which commands the body through communication points. I don’t know which one these guys are using but their new project, musically, is wild as all hell. Thetan is a two piece hailing from Tennessee and they throw down some raw, grinding hardcore madness. It is just bass and drums but the bass is steeping distortion and noise. This blazing wax packs in 10 songs of frantic no frills chaos. I have seen quite a few two piece bands over the years. I find that only two pieces can do it this crazy. When two piece bands are good they reach this sort of telepathy stage where their synergy takes over and torrents of ear crushing insanity ensues. Thetan definitely seems on that level to me. I hear this and just know that these guys got to put on a good show. You can’t play this spastic and not go ape shit on stage, fact! The recording is noisy and a little blown out but suits the music just fine. I feel that this kind of musical expression would be ruined by polished overproduction. I like the cover; it is a picture of a crying baby, thus the title of the record. Not a bad release at all! (Attucks)

Ant-Corp /Po box 190339 /Nashville, TN. / 37219-0339



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