Lost Tribe s/t 7″

Lost Tribe



When I got this 7” I was completely in the dark as to who these folks are or what they sound like. In all honesty I kind of figured it would be some sort of crusty D- Beat. I looked at the photo on the back and saw some studs and some dreads and a couple of old timers and I thought I knew what I was in for. Don’t get me wrong I love D- Beat but I couldn’t have been more wrong, what my ears beheld blew me away. Instantly I was an addict, listening to the two songs over and over again, annoying my roommates I’m sure. Richmond Virginia’s Lost Tribe sound can only be described as landing somewhere between Beneath the Shadows era T.S.O.L. and Killing Joke. This is Gothic, Post-Punk perfection. I had to play it for everyone who came over to the warehouse, I was infected by the two songs Unsound and Listless Mind. They are two well written dark pieces of music that take the listener to a different gloomy place. Usually once or maybe twice if I am lucky I will hear a record that grabs me like this in a year and this one ended 2012 perfectly. The track Unsound is a glimpse into a sad and troubled soul. The vocals lay in ribbons of despair across mid-tempo soundscapes that are brought to the surface’s edge by ripping guitar and bass lines. The delivery of the reverbed melodious notes is what grabs me and won’t let go. Lifeless Mind kicks it up a bit and maybe this song is the one that sort of reminds me of early T.S.O.L. The keyboards dreary church sounding echo in the mix kills it, in a good way. The keyboards bring an original twist and set this band apart from all others. The lyrics are printed on the back with a cool picture of the band all crusty gothic looking. The cover is some a strange form the fits the mood of this record. I seriously can’t wait to hear a full length. (Attucks)





~ by thrashpunx on January 23, 2013.

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