ABERRANT – 303 Grinders on the road to Obscene Extreme



ABERRANT is grindcore powerhouse that been raging the Denver scene for quite some time.  These dudes are lifers and really embrace the DIY ethics that sometimes seem to be waning in the punk/crust/grind scene as band embrace corporations like Scion.  Embracing the DIY spirit this band has taken THEMSELVES to Japan, South America and elsewhere.  Recently they just announced they will be playing the Obscene Extreme America fest in Mexico this summer alongside MACABRE, DOOM, NAPALM DEATH and…well…some Scion bands.  That just illustrates my point more.  They got there on their own merit!!!  Fuck Scion!

Anyways…here is the interview with Alton from Aberrant.  Read on:  (Josh Mosh)


ThrashPunx:  Let’s cut to the chase…You recently had to cancel a West Coast tour. Why? What happened?

Alton Aberrant:  Well, first sorry this took so long for me to finish….I needed time to clear my head. We had to part ways with our drummer, I’m not going to go into it. I will say when you are involved in something I think it is appropriate to support and promote that endeavor. I truly believe in the DIY ethics and community. That being said it seemed that the whole band was not on board for a little “doing it yourself”.

ThrashPunx: This scene and lifestyle isn’t for everyone. Being in a truly underground, independent band comes with its challenges. As you creep up on 40 why do you still do it?
Alton Aberrant:  Because this is a part of what I am and it is a true love and passion of mine. I have been involved in one way or another for years… I put out Scott Baio Armys’ 1st 7” as well as Catheters’, Evicerated Souls’ and Looking for an Answers’….. I helped to make the Junkyard happen as well as the Creative Seasons rental venue. I really believe that the underground is where the true core of music is at. These are the people that truly love the music and it’s not just a take it or leave it attitude. There is true diehard passion in the underground.

ThrashPunx: How about some band history…When and how did ABERRANT get together?
Aberrant was formed in 1999 and was dormant until 2001 when they picked it back up… I joined in 2003. This is originally Chris and Todd Loftis’ band, I was fortunate enough to be asked to join by the drummer we had then Yancy Green(Roskopp). We have had 4 drummers and about 4-5 bass players… We are currently a 3-piece… no bass and Jeff Malpezzi on drums.
Alton Aberrant:  What bands had you played in before the formation of ABERRANT?
I myself was in FORCED INSTINCT, a hardcore band called BEAR THE PALM and a short time in the metal band SMAUG.. Chris was in CATHETER and TAB….Jeff is in an awesome rock band called SUBLINGUAL.
5. How did you get into grindcore? What was the evolution of your musical upbringing?
Well it all started when my babysitter turned me on to Motley Crue and then her brother introduced me to Judas Priest… they had a friend who showed me COC, DRI… older brothers of friends were responsible for POSSESSED and CELTIC FROST,…SUBHUMANS….. The rest was a whirl wind of brutality. First tape I stole from Musicland in the Northglenn Mall was CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER “Money Talks”…. Can you say true love.

ThrashPunx: What do you listen to when you’re not grinding out?

Alton Aberrant: I really like ELECTRIC WIZARD, BURNING WITCH,GOATSNAKE, GRAVEYARD, COUGH… THIN LIZZY, IRON MAIDEN, WU TANG CLAN.. old school classic rock, doom if it rocks…..I like just about everything if it makes my foot tap….
ThrashPunx: You’ve made some amazing accomplishments with your martial arts recently…Please elaborate.
Alton Aberrant: I started training Kenpo Karate to help with an injury that I got on the job as a plumber. I guess that my teachers saw potential that I did not, as they asked if I wanted to join the martial arts academy and learn how to teach. I figured damn who wants to plumb forever and thought I could be a ninja(the kid in me). So I joined and started teaching full time. With so much time to practice I was able to acquire the material for a black belt, my fighting as a youth helped with the tactical application portion of the test no doubt.. but yes I was able to pass my test for black belt in Shaolin Chuan Fa in September. Never too old to do something new!
ThrashPunx:  ABERRANT has been fortunate enough to travel abroad a few times. Give me some details.

Alton Aberrant:  That had a lot to do with Chris and him keeping in touch with people while we were “on hiatus” we had been working the possibility of doing overseas tours for a couple of years. Hard work on the part of the foreign labels that we work with… Cheers to Rafa and Karasu Killer as well as Bruno and Criminal Attack and the guys from DER and TEST for helping out with the shows while on tour. What a surreal experience to go to Brasil and Japan… I can tell you it is well worth the money out of pocket. Why wait for someone to do it for you…. You do remember what DIY stands for right?

ThrashPunx:  Who put together the video of your Japanese tour?
Alton Aberrant:  That would be Rafael Yaekashi from Karasu Killer records!
ThrashPunx: What was the issue or cultural difference you had to deal with in Japan besides the obvious language barrier?
Alton Aberrant: Believe it or not there wasn’t much of a difference. They say love is the international language, I think it’s music. Really they are just like we are…but nicer and they love a live show! Of course it is difficult not speaking the language but people are more than accommodating!
ThrashPunx:  Are there any major differences to the scene there versus here?
Alton Aberrant:  They are very unified in both Japan and Brasil… we could take notes from them… punk, hardcore, metal, grind…is all the same thing really….mainstream society doesn’t want us..so we should stick together. All the factions and clicks are just what the system wants. We are easier to keep down if are divided. A house divided cannot stand.
ThrashPunx:  On the new split LP with D.E.R. you have a song called GENOCIDE=PEACE that tackles New World Order and Illuminati themes. What are your thoughts and opinions on the NWO? How real is it? Please elaborate on what inspired this song.

Alton Aberrant:  There is a lot happening right now in the world, I’m not sure if there is an Illuminati or New World Order but I do know that things are not as they seem and people are working behind the scenes against us. Apathy is not the solution, quite the opposite actually it will be our demise. So whatever the name of these secretive groups of people their intentions are not in our best interest. I believe there will have to be a revolt, class war whatever you want to call it….I chose to call it Genocide=Peace because in the end “they” believe that genocide of the “undesirables” will bring peace…watch your backs.

ThrashPunx:  Do you think there is hope for humanity?

Alton Aberrant:  Not without revolution


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  1. A man cannot whistle and drink at he same time

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