This is NOT conspiracy…This IS fact!!!

Hey!  This is that part of TrashPunx where we talk about what most people would call conspiracy, tin foil hat bullshit but we call it fact.  Ripped straight from the headlines around the world… I especially feel like “we” (meaning those of us that entertain ideas outside the box and that don’t always buy the “official” story ) needed some redemption or needed to save some face after Alex Jones flipping out on CNN last night.  What an epically lost opportunity…



If you no longer believe in the two party system and actually think beyond corporate ownership of political parties and entertain ideas of the Bilderberg group and Trilateral Commission leading some sort of New World Order than you are no stranger to the idea that presidents are picked.  Since his first term it was speculated that Obama was the president of the New World Order, that he would be the one to really take it to another level.  Well having to swap out presidents every few years and entertain elections which only allow people to criticize the process as a whole is a big pain in the ass.  So, it had been theorized that Obama would be the one to do away with term limits.  Well it’s conspiracy no more!  There is a bill that would repeal the 22nd Amendment and allow the president to stay in power.  Don’t believe me?  Making fun of my tin foil hat?  Click the link below and read it for yourself!


Love the taste of dead animals and think vegetarians are pussies?  Well guess what?  We’re all moving to Mars fucko!  That’s right!  To an 80,000 person, vegetarian only city on Mars!  Fuck off!


It’s back!  Not that nasty ass McRib thing…I’m talking drone strikes!  While the president sheds tears for gun control he orders the bombing of people in Pakistan and Yemin like you or I would order a pizza.  Phone ‘em up and they deliver…Not delicious, hot, molten ‘za but fuckin’ bombs you dummy!  6 strikes a day over 8 days…How many dead civilians is that?


Don’t believe in weather manipulation?  Not enough hard evidence for you?  OK, lets talk wave manipulation…Yup, I’m talking about fuckin’ with the ocean so it wipes out coastal cities.  Tsunami Bombs muthafuckas!!!  Well the governments of the US and New Zealand thought it was a good idea anyway…





~ by thrashpunx on January 9, 2013.

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