GOD’S AMERICA (AKA – The Seeds of Rape) – Our Bones Will Bleach In the Sun 7”

gods america

GOD’S AMERICA (AKA – The Seeds of Rape) – Or Bones Will Bleach In the Sun 7”

These Las Vegas dudes play straight up brutal as a Vegas hangover, POWER fucken’ VIOLENCE.  This is not for the meek.  There was no time wasted fucking around with levels and making sure shit’s not clipping.  That’s weak sauce and for wimps!  These desert dwellers only have time to grind and destroy their instruments.  Hell, there isn’t even time to write out songs or elaborate on the feeling or the energy that a riff might be giving.  That shit is for hippies and these ADHD victims don’t give a flying fuck after about 15 seconds, they are ready to move on to something else, another riff, another song, another pull on the bong…  They make DROPDEAD sound like ABBA!  But they look like such nice boys…(Josh Mosh)

Buy it HERE from the ThrashPunx distro!!!





~ by thrashpunx on January 9, 2013.

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