MARTYRDOD – Paranoia



MARTYRDOD – Paranoia

This album has been out for a while but has only recently fallen into my lap.  Having been around for a while and with a string of releases they might be recognized by most that follow this site, but I must admit I have only briefly heard them previous to this.  This is my first really heavy dose of what these Swede’s have to offer.  I am quite surprised how melodic they are despite the heaviness and the brutal throat wrenching vocals.   The album starts out with a soft introduction that is shredded to pieces once the full power of ‘Nog Ar Nog’ kicks in.  There is some really cool guitar work throughout this album that hooks my interest and pulls me to the edge of my seat in wonder of where it is going to next.  Sometimes this guitar gives way to the heavy only to resurface moments later.  It the melodic guitar that really does it for me on this record and that allows MARTYRDOD to stand out from bands like WOLFBRIGADE or SKITSYSTEM.  On ‘Ett Hjarta Av Eld’ the lead sounds so fucking rad as the intro to the song.  But even as it joins into the din of crust heaviness you can still feel it’s presence.  The drums bass and guitars really work well together on most of the album, and again this song is a highlight of that as the band finds a nice groove on this track and explores a few twists and turns.   Even though they have a very similar sound to the previous mentioned bands,  it, again, is the guitar intricacy that pushes this band to the forefront of that peer group.  As I previously mentioned the vocals are wrenching and painful sounding.  They are so strained sounding that I sometimes find them distracting from the overall picture.  But damn!  Musically they are so powerful and interesting that I am sure the vocals will grow on me over time.  With the push they have now from Southern Lord I am sure we see plenty more of these crusty heavy-weights.  Their summer tour with BLACK BREATH and ENABLER did not make it through my neck of the woods but hopefully there will be a chance to catch them live not too far off.  (Josh Mosh)


~ by thrashpunx on January 5, 2013.

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