Inimical Records Update!

Here is a New Year’s update from Inimical Records.  These are the kats that put out that newest MISERY album, so, this is where you get that and if you’ve been following me you know that record comes very highly recommended by…ME!

Also note at the end of the update that postal rates are going UP!!inimical-banner-grey


Happy new years everyone. Last year was very successful and I have high hope for this year to top it. More on all that later, first things first, I am reissuing the Bone Sickness demo tape on vinyl. It was originally made in a run of 14 hand dubbed copies, then remastered and released with new artwork in a run of 250 copies. We have recreated the artwork from that second release in true xerox cut and paste fashion, as well as remastering from the original first run of 14. If you had heard the tape before, forget what you know about it. Rescued from the mud is a clear vision of primitive DIY death metal. Repulsion meets early Peaceville might make sense. This first lineup featured Ben from Funerot and this begins the year for Bone Sickness that will see a 12″ on 20 Buck Spin followed by another EP on Iron Lung Records.

Check out a song here:

To preorder:

IR032- BONE SICKNESS “Demo” 7″
Die Hard- limited to 100, black vinyl, hand numbered black inner sleeve with an embroidered patch. (already down to 36 copies of this left)
Standard edition- 400 on mixed colored vinyl

Up next:

Arctic Flowers “Reveries” 12″

After being out of print for about a year, this will become available one more time. Purple vinyl this time. No date as of yet, I will let you know but it is up next.

Negative Press “Long Haul” 12″

I am super excited about this one, the unmastered recording has been in constant rotation for about two months now. From the ever prolific minds responsible for Criminal Code, White Wards, Gag and many more comes this latest offering. To me it sounds like a mix between Fun House era Stooges, early Swans, late Flag and a number of Am Rep noise rock bands. So heavy and so good. Probably out in April. Check out their demo, although it doesn’t do their current sound justice:

Misery EP and (later still) LP
Raw Nerves LP
plus two possible EPs that will be very exciting.


Criminal Code “Sacred Hands/ Distressed Dreams” 7″ – why haven’t you picked this up yet? Their finest record yet.
SFH/JFC split Ep – I am down to the last 20 copies. JFC will be taking the others to Europe, Kicker will probably be doing the same with the Broke EP. Last call!
Synthetic ID 7″ – jagged post punk from the bay. Great stuff.
Bill Bondsman EPs
Dreamdecay – new LP on Iron Lung, this first release featured Criminal Code members.
Sidetracked – short bursts of power violence. Also, Criminal Code related.

The bad news:
It is January, so that of course means postage is going up again. I believe on the 27th. I will have to raise postage rates then, so you have about three weeks before that happens. For US customers this means about a nine cent increase, not bad really. For international customers this means a massive gouging that may prevent you from ever being able to order from the us, or something like that. Just keep that in mind when thinking about whether you want to order today or wait a few weeks. 

Mike Crow
Inimical Records
P.O. Box 2803
Seattle, WA 98111

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