KROMOSOM – Live Forever



KROMOSOM – Live Forever CD

With members of PISSCHRIST and NUCLEAR DEATH TERROR this can only be awesome.  And it pretty much is.  What you have here is the CD collection of this bands vinyl only releases all packaged and ready to go.  I am sure some will still spend big bux and hunt down all the vinyl, but many others will be more than satisfied to have all the blown-out, chaos crazed, punk-rock lunacy right here in one package.  And that describes KROMOSOM pretty accurately…These dude hail from Australia but subscribe to the DISORDER, CHAOS UK meets DISCLOSE  school of punk rock.  They infuse D-Beat, crust and spastic insanity into charging punk rock that goes more for energy and power than worrying about things like song structure, timing and other bits of nonsense!  And I say that with a grin on my face as this really kicks ass.  I imagine these dudes are pretty torn up, like they put the Carharts into vats of acid to shred them before going out on the town in them.  Turn up the distortion and rip your hair out!  Drink beers and spill it all over your face!  Wear boots in any weather! (Josh Mosh)




~ by thrashpunx on December 22, 2012.

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