CORROSION OF CONFORMITY – Eye for an Eye (rides again!)




CORROSION OF CONFORMITY – Eye for an Eye re-issue

Eye for Eye is probably CORROSION OF CONFORMITY’s  “punkest” album.  Originally released in 1984 it firmly planted the group in the US Hard-Core scene.  The spiked skull on the cover would go on to be bootlegged and tattooed for years and is iconic and recognizable as the BLACK FLAG bars, the DK, or the DRI’s skank man.  The early hardcore bands had this knack for coming up with really cool logos or symbols.  That’s something that you don’t see so much anymore.  Ok…back to the music.  This really takes me back in time and conjures memories of late night skate sessions, parent pilfered weed, and the innocent discovery of the world of hardcore punk.  The track ‘Rednekk’ was especially meaningful to my friends and I as we grew up in a small hick town and this song described our plight.  It gave us hope even… ‘Eye for and Eye’ is raw and angry and very representative of the time.  The songs are basic in structure but still pack a punch to the gut. The metal influence that would permeate the band’s music and push them to the forefront of the crossover sound would come on the follow-up LP.   This is an album by dudes that listened to a lot of BLACK FLAG and MINOR THREAT. Shit, there are purists who won’t even listen to anything by COC except for this album.  Although I still have my cassette copy on Toxic Shock records and the LP as well I am still very happy to see this getting another run.  Years ago I had read that the band had no intentions of re-issuing any of the old albums, that these old gems were not representative of who they became.  I’m glad they woke up, maybe not having Pepper around made them realize their own legacy.  Who knows…Again, I am just happy to know that a new generation can get their hands on some classic old school hardcore.  And as a bonus the ‘Six Songs With Mike Singing’ EP is on here as well!  (Josh Mosh)

~ by thrashpunx on December 22, 2012.

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