WARTORN – Tainting Tomorrow with the Blood of Yesterday- cassette


WARTORN – Tainting Tomorrow with the Blood of Yesterday- cassette

If you are a fan of Wartorn then you already know all about this. This is a rerelease of their second album put onto tape for your listening pleasure. Some of these songs I recognize from the Prey for Salvation release as well. These are great songs here, classic Wartorn. All those great break downs that drop, right as Bitty chimes in with some growling sentence of injustice relevant to the song. Just to blow up into some raging D-beat madness.  The melodic parts are killer; those are what really what make it for me. It is just some excellent song writing. Wartorn has a great style of punk rock and a great live show to back it up. This tape release has a couple of cover songs on it, State of Fear and a classic by Poison Idea.  Real basic quality, more demo style, just stickers on store bought tapes but still cool none the less. One sided j-card with no extra info, just a grainy picture and the song list.  They are numbered as well, I got 39 of 50. Still a badass record any format you can get but I am really glad to see bands putting tapes out again, since I own tape players and hundreds of tapes. It is a good format and I prefer it to c.d.’s any day. I was sad to see tapes getting phased out there for a while and this release is a great reason why bands should still do it. (Attucks)




~ by thrashpunx on December 8, 2012.

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