BENEATH – Thrown to the Crows



BENEATH- Thrown to the Crows, cassette

If you want your Crust influenced by heavy amounts of Death metal and Grindcore then this is exactly what you are looking for. Heavy D-beat with thrashing guitars, peppered by mind numbing blast beats. There are no melodic build ups to be found here. The whole recording is just straight brutal crusty grind.   The fact that each song has a unique hook and individual signature makes this an easy jam. If you are familiar with the West or South West music scene, than all that can be really be said is that it is “all sick, bud!” This Denver band boasts an all-star lineup, featuring members of Death of Self, Disease Called Human, Space in Time and Weaponizer. There are four different vocal tracks going on back and forth battling it out for supremacy, with the lead being a gal by the name of Julie. Julie’s vocals sound like the Tasmanian Devil stuck in a blender on puree. Yea, it is pretty brutal. Two of the vocals are low grumbling belches and the other is more of a shouting strained grunt. But all the vocal tracks mixed together create a very cool effect layered across the low tuned Crust Punk. I feel the low end cookie monster vocals could come up in the mix and the guitar solos need to be louder but that is about it. This is a super strong first effort; it is a well recorded and well mixed tape. Yup, I am stoked to see another tape release and the tape is colored green plastic to boot. Very cool look to the j-card and all. This I believe was meant to be a record but never made it because of the band splitting up shortly after it was recorded. I have heard rumors of them reforming with a few new members and I hope so, they are missed. (Attucks)

~ by thrashpunx on December 8, 2012.

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