Brainwreck is a super -fast hardcore band from Nashville TN. Looking these guys up I found three other bands by the same name that all claim the same musical genre, hardcore. It is getting rough out there for band names. These guys set themselves apart by straight blistering speed and aggression. The longest song is a minute thirty four seconds and that is twice as long as the rest of the songs. It gets a little noisy with the monotone screaming vocals but the blazing tempo keeps you reeled in. Like in the song Wasted Life. This song starts with a slow bass intro that blasts into some spastic guitar riff. Then POW, off the song goes into some classic Youth of Today style guitar riff charged over top by the wild vocals. I can’t figure what any of the songs are about by reading the lyrics but the breaks with blazing guitar rage always draws me in. I am glad to see Hardcore going the way of fast core instead of that weird New York Hardcore metal breakdown crap from the 90’s. Dawn brings a little different style to the table with heavy breakdowns and a bit more of a metal influence with a touch of Tragedy thrown in. More of a melodic hardcore, if you will. But they definitely mix it up.  The song Intentions I would almost call Grind core, clocking in at 29 seconds.  But alas, it is not Grind but just some guys mixing it up. The lyrics scream, moan and grumble about different injustices that plague our existence, from greed to guilt. Dawn does some cool clean break downs that really bring the emotional side of the song out. The opening series of notes proves this point to a tee. Not a bad split the only down fall I would say is the packaging. I couldn’t tell what the fucking record was until I took the poly sleeve off. There are no band names on the front or back cover, just some weird ink stains. What almost looks like a Rorschach Test. The bands names are printed lightly on the poly sleeve! I almost missed that one. Kind of cool kind of… not so much, but descent release for both of these bands. (Attucks)




Po box 190339

Nashville, TN.



~ by thrashpunx on December 8, 2012.

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