NEUROSIS – Honor Found In Decay


NEUROSIS – Honor Found in Decay  CD

I’ve had this since before it’s release but have been really intimidated on having to write a review of it.  The main reason behind that simply being “how does one review and album like this?”  As I have mentioned before there are a handful bands that are able to reach through space and time and put their icy finger right into your heart and touch your very soul.  For me those bands are BLACK SABBATH, AMEBIX, PENTAGRAM and NEUROSIS (amongst a few others).  These are bands that become woven into your DNA and become you as well as reflect you and your being and existence.  A lot of bands kicks ass but only a few bands really become part of you.  Another part of that issue was finding the time to really dedicate myself to the album.  This isn’t something you put on while cleaning the house or doing dishes, entertaining kids or  something else of the distracting variety.  It is essential to let an album like this completely devour you.  You must surrender to it’s will, to it’s spirit and fully embrace it on the trip you are going to embark on as it unfolds it’s layers and spills from your speakers.  It can only be truly opened up in one of three ways:  1) Play it LOUD, 2) Play it LOUDER, 3) Put on the headphones (loud of course), close your eyes and buckle in for the ride.  WARNING:  If you are not of stable mind and body do not listen to this!!!  It is creepy as fuck and downright depressing.  The yin to that yang is it is as powerful as tsunami and a portal to another plane if you are willing to open your mind and go for the ride.  For me the pairing of ‘Souls at Zero’ and ‘Enemy of the Sun’ will always be the perfect NEUROSIS albums.  Nothing comes close…Or does it?  After ‘Through Silver in Blood’ I had kind of lost track of NEUROSIS for a few years but was able to reconnect with ‘Times of Grace’.  ‘Given to the Rising’ saw NEUROSIS explode with a power and heaviness that seemed to be all but lost even though the album seemed to meander and lack some direction.  ‘Honor Found In Decay’ has a clear focus and is delivered with a duality second only to the mighty BLACK SABBATH as the journey weaves through folky melodies and crushing heaviness.  It is brain damaging trying to understand how they managed to record in a live setting with minimal overdubs.  Fucking insane.  They are wizards who cast their magic to capture their art exactly at the moment in time as it was born into the world.  The songs are there, they exist in their infinite beauty and perhaps only need to be harnessed and pulled through the portal from one level of existence to another to be bestowed lesser mortals like you and I.  Fuckin’ mind blowing man! (Josh Mosh)


1)       When is the vinyl coming out?

2)      They are announcing tour dates one at a time.  Hopefully they are coming to your neck of the woods.  They haven’t said anything about Denver yet but my fingers are crossed .  I’ve seen them 4 times but haven’t seen them since the mid 90’s.  Fuck!

3)      Looks they are flying from gig to gig so I guess they wont be firing up the ol’ Scion.

4)      They don’t do visuals anymore.  Got rid of projector guy.



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