BLACK BREATH – Sentenced to Life CD

black breath

BLACK BREATH – Sentenced to Life CD

Southern Lord records is just hitting it out the park lately.  They have really taken an interest in crust, but are also still kicking out the metal jams as well.  BLACK BREATH start their most recent effort ‘Sentenced to Life’ off with a snare and high-hat tribute to SLAYER straight from the school of ‘Criminally Insane’ before kicking right into the guts of the first track ‘Feast of the Damned’.  From there BLACK BREATH take us on a tour of ENTOMBED inspired death metal.  They do the buzz-saw guitar sound thing and it works.  I am a sucker for that almost every time a band employs it.  Both BLACK BREATH and ACEPHALIX are able to use that tone without falling into the trap of “worship”.  ENTRAILS is obviously an ENTOMBED worship band where BLACK BREATH wears their influence proudly on their snot crusted sleeve.  Like I mentioned earlier they also borrow from SLAYER, MOTORHEAD and maybe even have a hard-core influence in there as well.  I don’t mean they are doing break down on top of break down like HATEBREED or some shit, I mean someone in the band likes himself some hard-core and every once in a while it surfaces.  This was another surprise release for me this year as before this album I had never heard of them.  They were referred to me by my buddy Jeff while my band was at this studio laying down some jams of our own.  He runs Firestorm Studios in Denver and is the shit.  Anyway we were talking about ENTOMBED and GRAVE  and I mentioned ACEPHALIX to him and he threw BLACK BREATH to me.  I think you get the idea of the album here and if you like metal this rules!  If you don’t you suck anyway…It’s nice to see bands sticking to the 10 song tried and true formula and not putting anything they have ever rehearsed onto a disc to fill the 80 minutes.  A lot of that has to do with that many bands are getting there stuff out on vinyl again.  Man, in the early 2000’s it was really bad with band just putting anything they had on there just to fill time.  The reason this is tried and true is because it works.  The listener is able to stay on board and not lose interest.  A band can showcase the best of their latest batch of songs and not have to worry about lack of content.  Cheers to BLACK BREATH for keeping this tradition alive!  (Josh Mosh)

PS.  Someone do something about this Scion bullshit and keep them out of Metal and Punk.  For fucks sake!

PPS.  Why does the drummer look like the dude from ‘Shaun of the Dead’ and ‘Paul’?  WTF?


~ by thrashpunx on December 2, 2012.

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