ACEPHALIX – Deathless Master



ACEPHALIX – Deathless Master CD

ACEPHALIX return with what I believe is their 3rd LP and second for Southern Lord Records.  ACEPHALIX roots are certainly in the world of crust but as they have developed over the last several years they have started to embrace Death Metal more and more.  They have gone from running with peers like STORMCROW, SANCTUM, and HELLSHOCK to stinking it up with likes of BOLTHROWER, ENTOMBED, DEATH BREATH, etc.  Lets just skip to the chase and say this album FUCKING RULES!!!  The guitar tones are nod to ENTOMBED with that warm buzz and the vocals sound like they are still in hell but being channeled to us through some array of metal piping.  What I am saying is they are brutal as all fuck, have killer reverb on them and they sound far away.  They are not lost in the mix, don’t confuse that with the fact that they just sound distant.  It really adds to the mysticism the band is able to capture.   ACEPHALIX are straight up blasphemous without getting caught up in the silliness of Satan worship.  The lyrics are as dark as the deepest depths of ancient caverns and take a left hand path to anything that is clean, pure and virgin. The band is tight and deliver a stench and filth covered wall of noise and destruction.  This bay area unit reminds me of a bulldozer doing it’s thing on a mountain of skulls.  This is one of my favorite releases of the year and will certainly make my end of year list of top albums.  More crust metal please!  (Josh Mosh)

~ by thrashpunx on December 1, 2012.

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