We Live…We Buy…records.

It’s been awhile since we’ve celebrated anyone’s recent music picks.  Val has scooped up a bunch of new stuff recently.  Hopefully we can get a few words out of in regards to what he’s been spending his money on in the way of music.

With that said, it’s been awhile since we posted anything.  Life gets in the way sometimes.  I’ve been taking care of kids, fighting a cold and recording an album with my band, APEX.  I’ve got some time coming up to spend writing , reviewing and reflecting on this life.  Until then check this shit out:

Here’s what I’ve picked up in the last couple of weeks…

NUCLEAR DEATH TERROR – Chaos Reigns CD / I love this band.  Fuck yeah!  Great crust in the early ENT vein.  Watch for a full blown review on this soon.

EXTREME NOISE TERROR – Retrobution CD / I have this on cassette and thought it was time to replace it on CD since I saw it sitting there in the used bin.  This is that collection they did in the 90’s where they re-recorded some earlier stuff.  Great CD.

EXTREME NOISE TERROR – Damage 381 CD/ This is came out in ’97 and is the ENT album that has Barney from NAPALM DEATH on vocals.  Fuck yeah!

CHRISTIAN DEATH – Born Again Anti-Christian CD / Sure there is all the drama that comes with the band and the whole Rozz vs Valor thing. The purists won’t listen to any of Valor’s stuff but really they are the ones missing out.  Especially with Maitri joining the fold.  She rules!  This is a good, goth/metal album.  My copy is a tour promo copy without any liner notes just info on their (at the time) upcoming tour with CRADLE OF FILTH.

PENTAGRAM – Last Rites LP / I was uber stoked to find this on vinyl.  This is an amazing album by this legendary man / band.  Certainly one of their best releases even if it’s a more recent effort.

DETESTATION – The Inhuman Condition and Blood of the Gods 7″s / I have the LP but didn’t have these.  Score!  Great metallic crust in the vein of NAUSEA.

CONFLICT – These Colours Dont Run 7″ / Legendary Anarcho punk.  This came out in 93 and I believe was one of the last releases before they broke up for a spell.  Word is they are touring the US next year.

KONTRASEKT – s/t 7″ / Crust from the twin cities in the DOOM or ENT vein.  This just came out in the last year or two.



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