I’ve had the pleasure of not only seeing both of these bands several times but have played shows with both too.  So you can say I have some history here….This 7” pumps my nads!  It is a double dosage of aggressive hardcore punk with an excellent pairing of bands.  I think it’s safe to say that although both bands have their distinct sound, ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT could be a fair comparison.  SMD puts a frantic, frenzied, beak neck speed spin to their hardcore and manage to cram 5 songs into a single side of 45 rpm 7”.  That’s moving along at a pretty good clip, not quite as fast as a Manning led Broncos victory over the Raiders but fast enough.  I love the sound of their side of this 7”, its raw, thick and dirty (yeah, let that resonate for a minute…) and just comes across like a boot to the ass.  Where Maury spits put his vocals as fast as he can, Shane from CHOOSE YOUR POISON pukes forth with a cry of desperation on almost every phrase. They play fast paced hardcore-thrash that seems to be rattling my furniture and causing my cat some undo stress. Their mix is perfectly bass heavy and also sounds really thick, its just a tad bit cleaner than SMD’s side but sounds fucking killer.   A great 7” but two excellent bands.  This is the kind of 7” that gets flipped a few times and even comes back out later for a few more spins while all the dudes are hanging out pounding some barley pops.  Bring on the party…We have the tunes!  (Josh Mosh)



~ by thrashpunx on October 27, 2012.

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