LITTLE MISS and the NO NAMES – Mind 7″



LITTLE MISS and the NO NAMES are back with a brand new six song 7”.  This time around they are even more pissed and more hardcore sounding.   In a review of their earlier released cassette I felt they had captured somewhat of a UK 82 sound, but they seem to have pushed beyond that seizing a more 80’s hardcore sound that could have easily seen them fit on one of the early MRR comps. When they are in their hardcore groove they sort of remind me of a more exciting and daring, less refined, SIGNAL LOST, especially on the song ‘Dirty Sheep’.  Rebecca’s vocals are pissed-the-fuck-off and incredibly powerful.  She seems to have really found her voice and handles herself well.  I like the dirty production of this 7”, I think it just pushes the punk factor and energy levels.  The guitar is as raw as road kill, and has an early BLACK FLAG sounding distortion to it.  In fact that is a really good reference point.  Swap out Chavo and insert Rebecca…You just might have it.  A few tasty leads keep things interesting without getting in the way and getting too wanky.  Lyrically they touch on everyday issues and observations of their world, which isn’t that different from anyone else’s.   The stories they tell can be from any scene anywhere, they are real and easy to connect to which allows for a personal connection to the record.  Mine is on pink vinyl and the cover appears as if it might be hand screened.  This is a solid release and I wish them luck with it.  (Josh Mosh)


~ by thrashpunx on October 23, 2012.

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