ANTHRAX – All For the Cause LP

ANTHRAX – All For The Cause LP

Lots of people will criticize ANTHRAX just for reuniting, citing other bands that have reformed only to be a completely hollow shell of what they once were.  Many things, I’m sure, motivate people, who were once in a band, to resurrect it and see whether there is still something there.  Seeing how their 2009 seven inch was a benefit single for the most hallowed 1in12 Club in Bradford, England, I don’t think that ANTHRAX return for any reason other than they still have something to add to the ongoing conversation that is PUNK.  And why would these guys stand on the sidelines and not have something to say.  And on this LP ANTHRAX have something to say about subjects ranging from the exploitation of the poor to support western consumerism, living life with a sense of purpose and avoiding selfishness, and the continued loss of liberty and freedom in the modern world.  Nothing particularly new but seeing how ANTHRAX were making similar statements 30 years ago it drives the message that much more home that nothing has changed.  I do however like the positivity that still comes thru.  They remind us that while the world may be fucked you do have some choice as to how you live and the impact that you can make, especially locally.  There is a sense that they have made a choice to point out the dark but stand in the light, and see some immediate possibilities for achievement and personal empowerment.


Musically this certainly dips pretty deep into the pub rock and roll of CHELSEA at times, and at other times pushes forth with some raucousness that gives way to something more like ROSE TATTOO.  There is definitely a lot of leanings toward a more oi sound as strange as that might seem since these guys are known more for their affiliation with CRASS and the early anarcho scene of the 80’s.  But the foray into the anthemic sing-alongs works and has a lot of punch. My personal fave on this one probably is the b-side track called “Another” which sounds more like an early SUBHUMANS tune with it vitriolic angst.  It’s driving guitar riff is pure punk heaven.

There are two songs that come straight from the aforementioned seven inch called “One Last Drop” and “Welcome”  which only adds validity to my general belief that the seven inch format is the best way to deliver punk.  There are some gems here but since 2 songs were previously released, the songs here could have been used to make a couple more seven inches and probably had more impact than an LP.

I am sure that there will be plenty of people that are more hardcore than me that wont like this cause it doesn’t have much of the raw, frantic edge of their first two 7” from the 80’s having traded it in for a more matured and laid back pace which seems natural and appropriate.  But there is plenty here to sink your teeth into if you can get past the evolution in sound that ANTHRAX show here.

All For The Cause comes in a nice heavy gatefold cover, poster and booklet and its all done DIY with their own label – Grow Your Own Records and I was able to get mine direct from the band which underscores their intact DIY ethic.

These are clearly guys that have made a move from a world that is full of despair and darkness to a world that still has some light, which is awesome because many became so mired in the depressing reality .

ANTHRAX seem to offer genuine sincerity and its that sincerity that makes this sound so great.




~ by thrashpunx on October 23, 2012.

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