CATTLE DECAPITATION goes for the throat!…and nads…and ass…and…

You just cant “un-see” things once you have subjected yourself to them.  I am not one for censorship and I think if you don’t like something or are offended, don’t partake.  If it’s a movie or song, shut it off.  I don’t listen to porno-grind or gore-grind or other similar things that I don’t have any use for.  Censorship is, for the most part, wrong.


But at the same time I question the need to make or do some things.  The subject in question is CATTLE DECAPITATION’s new video for their song ‘Forced Gender Re-Assignment’.   While I understand the point behind the song and agree with their overall message I question the mind of anyone that felt that making a video like this is necessary.  Call me whatever name you want.  Look I even like a good splatter flick, but do find myself liking them less as I get older.   But, again, this didn’t need to happen.  This video will not push mankind any closer to universal cosmic peace or whatever, but will do damage.   The point may be noble but the execution (pun intended) distracts from the message.  The right people, the people that need to hear it the most, will never be privy to the message these grinders are trying to convey.  If they do get this far the pure obscenity of the video will overtake the message and in the end you are left with nothing more than a view into someone’s twisted, sickened mind.  Homie aint playing with a full deck…


”Wow, brutal dude”…I’m sure that will be the reaction of many, but I know most people don’t want to go to places as dark as what is shown and described in this video.  There is no need to.  It’s that simple.


The “reaction videos” are already being posted all over the interweb.   My reaction?  I shut it off about half way through.  I didn’t need to see that, it would not add to my quest for happiness but rather serve as a distraction from finding joy in life.  I sound like some sort of hippy don’t I?  To me, life is too precious to unnecessarily subject myself to something that does not have any positive affect on me.  I am going to back to watching the animated ‘Hobbit’ with my kids.




What are your thoughts?  Call me names, tell me I’m lame…Whatever…


Watch if you dare!


~ by thrashpunx on October 17, 2012.

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