“Freedoms Greatest Hour of Danger is NOW!”

Notes from FEMA Sector 8:

We didn’t hear much about the events in Spain from our state sponsored media.  There were a few videos popping up on Facebook and other channels of modern communication but for the most part no one knew, or knows, what is going on there.  In fact I searched CNN and there was no headline, nothing to alert me of the events that were unfolding in that country.  Finally I used the search functionality and typed in Spain and finally found an outdated article.  So, if I knew there was something to look for I could find some old information, but if I was a casually perusing the news I wouldn’t ever know that the state had put the smack down on peaceful protest and the police had taken to beating the citizens.

Did you know earlier in the summer there was a media blackout in Spain? There was a state mandated block on allowing out the images of the riots and police beating as miners and other folks gathered in Madrid to protest government austerity measures.  Basically “they” didnt want us to see the video footage and our lamestream media was quick to oblige.  From inside the melee street footage was being shot on smart phones and other devices and some footage making it to Youtube and Facebook but there was little to mention of any of this by the main stream media.

So what you say?  You don’t live in Madrid and you are happy wallowing in American ignorance…

“They are abusing the lower social classes,” 54-year-old teacher Luis Diaz said. “By backing banks, they are torturing the working class and badly affecting public education, health care and pensions when what they should be doing is exactly the opposite.”

Sound familiar?  Or maybe it doesn’t…

Ignorance is bliss someone said.  And now there are teaching that concept to our increasingly dumbed down society.  Repeat it enough by beating us down with daily distractions of NFL referees and pregnant Snooki’s and we give up our freedom of thought for blissful ignorance.

Shut that shit off and open your eyes to world as it is crumbling around us.  Getting hammered and listening to CONFLICT does not create change.  There is information everywhere!  Copy it, spread it around, make posters, start a blog, a website, make flyers…or just copy shit and share it on Facebook and the social engines.  One at a time people will unplug and join in.  There is so much information available once you get off of TMZ and porn sites and actually poke around the real world.

“Fuck dude…I just want to slame beers and pogo..”

“Yeah man, I wanna get wasted and thrash…Fuck this shit…”

Fine.  Take your flu shots, ingest your GMOs and line up in an orderly fashion.  Don’t resist and take your number as you are herded into the cattle cars and sent off to the FEMA camps.


More information is coming to light as the situation is Spain is just to big to ignore anymore.  Go to your favorite CIA sponsored search engine and look up ‘Spain Austerity’.

Barry O and our “leaders” are getting ready even if you are not.  He passed the NDAA act while you were drunk last New Years and lets not forget the Ant-Protest bill he signed in too.  He’s just stacking onto the Patriot Act that his buddy George shackled the American people with.  Dont know what those are?  Go look them up, I’m not going to tell you, go look them up and get in the habit of seeking out truth and the answers yourself.  The first 3 people to send me an email at thrash-punx@hotmail.com with a quick couple of sentences describing the NDAA and protest zones bill gets the new CLUSTERFUX LP!

When this happens here it will be our own fault because we were too worried about Iphones (with the state controlled kill switch in the camera) and that dancing Justin kid than we were about the real future or our children and this world.

Watch this video and listen to the narrators words…Let them sink in…

~ by thrashpunx on October 7, 2012.

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