ABERRANT just fucking kicks ass.  Any self-respecting grindcore freak should know that by now.  There was even a nice little write up in Decibel magazine a month or so ago about their discography LP.  What I love about grindcore is captured perfectly by this Colorado band.  They are brutal and as heavy as Andre the Giants nutsack while still able to find a groove and keep it…dare I say…catchy?!  Yes!  They are catchy as a winter cold, but way more fun.  Chris is the riff master and draws his inspiration from old hardcore punk and early thrash metal.  I’m sure he listened to his fill of AGGRESSION, AGNOSTIC FRONT and early METALLICA back in the day.   Gordon pounds those skins like a 14 year old boy with a stolen HUSTLER pounds his…Well you get the picture.   This is where that groove really comes alive.  Sure it starts with the sick riffage but it takes the right skinsman to really get into pocket and make it come alive!  As a three piece the only one left is Alton and his self-mutilating vocal delivery.   Like some evil-spawned, sewer demon, his barks and screams echo deep from the bowels of grindcore and aurally shred your fucking ear drums.  Gnarly!   Lyrically they go after the New World Order and the Illuminati as well as tackle eugenics and other shit that pissed off grind dudes scream about!  Fuck yeah!

DER turns up the brootal!  There are not enough “o’s” in the word broooootal to describe what is going on here.  The manic drummer must have done a sack of  biker crank before getting on the stool.  He is out of fucking control and I can only imagine what he must be like to watch live.  I can’t help but to think that he must have to buy drums sticks by the case as I can’t see him being able to make it through more than a song or two without wood splintering in every direction as his sticks explode on the rim of the snare or the edge of the high-hat.  BAM!  Fucking disintegrated just like that!  If full on brootality is your thing these are your jams right here!  These Brazillians are basically a blur and plow through 10 songs like a methed out, rabid, rhino in a china shop.  Fast, dangerous, heavy and wreckless!

An impressive pairing of bands captured on multi-colored vinyl.  This was a collaborative effort as it looks like a few labels pulled together to make this happen.  That’s how you get it done!  (Josh Mosh)


http://www.facebook.com/events/378011748937135/  – ABERRANT tour dates






Check this shit out!

~ by thrashpunx on September 28, 2012.

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